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Maintain your garage door


Over half of homeowners who live in Huddersfield and have a garage have recently admitted that they do not give the door the correct amount of maintenance.

There are many reasons for this and this includes time, a lack of understanding, time again and oh did we mention, time!

Christmas is fast approaching, more people will be off work for a short while so we thought we would provide you all with a few quick and easy ways to check that door, without spending loads of your time.

General cleaning of the door is very important. Any debris that is caught on the door, or within the mechanism can cause serious issues. To clean the door you need to be careful and refrain from using any highly pressurised systems. Instead use a sponge and a cloth and just wipe over with water the areas that are dirty.

You should also carry out a visual test during any maintenance work, Look for cables which look loose, any part of the door which might look odd, or if the seals appear to be damaged. On the inside of the garage door, look at the coil (do not attempt to tighten or loosen this) and other components which could be faulty.

If you have an electric garage door, it is also important to check the mechanism is working properly, and that the safety features are in place. One of the best ways of doing this is by the following procedure:

  • This can be done by putting a small object underneath the door and then beginning the closing phase.
  • The door should go down to the object then automatically reverses the system is working properly.
  • If this does not happen you need to get this urgently looked at, because it is a safety problem.

For more information on checks you can carry out or if you believe that you have found a fault and would like a second professional opinion, please do not hesitate to contact Huddersfield’s leading garage door company on 01484 829 612. 

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