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Quick Security Tips


The security of your garage is imperative for a number of reasons. While the garage is mostly a storage space for ‘unwanted’ items, some people choose to keep valuable items like cars and golf clubs in, and thieves are well aware this is the case.

With the above in mind, here are a few security tips for your garage door that will ensure your valuables are safe as possible.

Ensuring your doors are always secure

This may sound like a simple tip, but ensure that all external doors are locked at all times, even when you are in the house.Furthermore, make sure the keys to the garage are out of sight.

The same applies to remotes that control garage doors, if you have automatic doors. Never leave your electric garage door control in your car. It may be an inconvenience, but it could save your car being stolen if thieves break in through a door rather than the garage.

Another tip is to ensure you unplug the electric opener (if applicable) if you are leaving your property for an extended period. Of course, some devices come with an optional tool, which has been designed to help if you go away on holiday. If this is the case, make sure you activate it before leaving.

External alarm systems

One system you may want to invest in, especially if you keep valuables in your garage is an alarm system. It does not matter if the garage is detached from your home or part of your home a separate alarm system, while expensive, will be worth theinvestment if you keep valuables in your garage. At the very least, your garage doors should have motion-sensing lights,which act as a deterrent and are cost-effective.

Prevent fishing

The last and probably most valuable tip is making sure that you prevent what is known as fishing. Some garages, when pushed, reveal a small gap at the top, which allows thieves to create a space using a wedge. Once the gap is created, they then use a wire hook to fish out the release leaver. When the cord is hooked, one sharp tug will release it, which will allow the thief access to the garage.

To protect your garage from thieves using this method simply create your very own shield. Customise a small piece of wood and screw it between the openers arm and the garage door.The installation of a shield would mean that any hooking device would have to go around the wood, making fishing almost impossible.

One last simple, but effective tip - if your garage door does not have a lockable latch, drill a hole in the track just above the roller and insert a sturdy key padlock to stop thieves just walking straight in.

The above security tips, if properly followed, act as an essential guide for keeping your garage door protected. Remember, your garage is can potentially be a weak spot that thieves might look to target so increasing security could be a life saver.

If you would like more information on garage door security, and you are based in Huddersfield, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01484 829 612.

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