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RollMatic garage doors


As well as being safe and secure, we fully understand that the appearance of a garage door is always a big selling point to our Huddersfield-based customers.

If you make the right choices, a new garage door has the ability to transform the appearance of your home – that’s why you need to pick the right one!

Unfortunately, picking out a garage door that best fits your home isn’t as simple as just judging its appearance. A high-quality door such as Hormann’s RollMatic will provide several other benefits, such as thermal insulation, additional glazing and increased ventilation.

To help you decide what truly suits your property, we at Huddersfield Garage Doors have looked at the three different types of Hormann RollMatic door, and have provided you with some key information about each:

Thermal insulation

With this particular door, the strong level of thermal insulation is achieved using polyurethane rigid foam, which is compacted into the hollow space of the profile evenly. This allows for a quieter door movement sound.

The smooth surface is very easy to clean due to its high-quality coating – it also looks very modern, especially in a white or silver finish.

Additional glazing

If you require extra daylight in your garage then this door may be the one for you. Additional glazing is achieved by using synthetic panes, which are arranged along the width of the profile. A maximum of ten glazings are allowed on each door.

This option is available with insulated profiles only, so additional benefits also include heat retention.

Ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles are installed in the same way that glazing panes are added. More ventilation is important if you wish to keep your garage at a specific internal climate temperature, or want to reduce the growth of mould.

These are made from long-lasting plastic, and again are arranged across the width with a maximum of ten on each door.

Depending on your personal requirements, some of the above options will suit your property more than the others. If you would like any more advice as to what type of appearance to go for, don’t hesitate to call Huddersfield Garage Doors today on 01484 829 612.

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